Multiferroic Based Devices for Jamming Signal Detection and Mitigation

Our main research objective is to develop a technology platform at the device and circuit level for RF reconfigurable frontends that can address RF interference and coexistence issues in today’s congested spectrum with minimal overhead in system complexity, size/weight, power consumption, and cost. Innovative approaches introduced herein aim at making future radio systems tolerant to both intentional and unintentional jammers by employing novel thin film self-biased magnetoelectric devices that do not require any magnetic field bias and are fully controlled with the application of electric field.

The proposed RF front-end, employs multiferroic materials to design several key RF components including novel notch, bandstop, and bandpass filters with wide tuning ranges that are not realizable with the current technologies. The proposed devices will be retrofittable as a front-end solution for existing communication systems. Such frequency reconfigurable devices can operate across a broad bandwidth, significantly reducing the number of required frequency selective components and switches in the frontend circuitry.







Funding: $30K (2022)
Goal: Design of frequency selective devices that allow interference mitigation based on GaF and BST.
Token Investors: Amir Mortazawi, Robert Dick

Project ID: 1050