Designing Intrinsically Stretchable Near Infrared Light Sources and Detectors for Fully Wearable Optical Pulse Oximeters

The acquisition and use of information in health is of central importance to medical care. Currently, biosensors are made from rigid inorganic materials, which prevent them from conformably interacting with biologic systems that are soft and with irregular shapes, including the brain, heart, and other essential organs. Wearable bioelectronics, on the other hand, allows intimate interaction between sensing devices and biosystem, which will enable accurate bioactivity monitoring with high speed in real time. In this project, we will innovate multifunctional wearable electronics with broad applications from smart contact lenses (IoT), in-vivo bioimaging, to artificial skins (soft robotics). The successful implement of the project will lead to new technology to enhance biomedical diagnosis and treatment outcomes. We will achieve this through novel material and device design by interfacing nanomaterials and polymer semiconductors.







Funding: $30K (2022)
Goal: This project seeks to develop, for the first time, the fully stretchable and wearable optical pulse oximeters with an external quantum efficiency of 10%, detectivity of 3*1012 cm Hz1/2 W-1 in the near infrared region under 50% strain.
Token Investors: Xiwen Gong, Johua Min

Project ID: 1048